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Katie-Rose Coughlan


Katie-Rose has been writing since she could hold a pen. As a child, it allowed her to channel her
imagination and curiosity. Countless unfinished diaries still lie in drawers and at the bottom of her wardrobes sporting magazine cut-outs.

Her inner-babble was and is, self admittedly, abundant and often relentless which means that she's predisposed to writing descriptive narrative and long romantic prose. Films have always fascinated her; the atmosphere of a film’s delivery, the facial expressions of the actors and their witty profound observations. Writing a story in the way a film is presented, so that the reader can truly envision what they are reading, is something that has persistently challenged her. As a result, providing both entertainment and personal reflection are the main agents of her writing.

Her four-part narrative, All Souls' Junction, is a reflection of her skills as a writer and delivers a brilliant four-part narrative that marries strong creative prowess with a narrative that is reflective of her own experiences.

Katie-Rose Coughlan
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