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Donnchadh Mac Gabhann


Donnchadh is an Irish writer and has been composing creative works from a very young age, devoting his
creative energies to the realms of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, along with various sub-genres which fall in between.

His works have blended extreme realism with surrealism to provide nightmarish reflections of the current world we live in. Having specialised in History and Political Science, and now moving on to focus on Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Donnchadh utilises his academic background to procure a realistic backdrop for his stories before twisting and distorting it with elements of the supernatural and the inhuman.

His principal inspirations have been the works of film director Robert Eggers (the Witch, the Lighthouse) along with the music of Marilyn Manson. Though currently dormant, from 2015 to 2020 he was the administrator and writer for the Facebook history blog known as ‘History of the Hour’ which covered a wide range of historical events and characters.

Donnchadh Mac Gabhann
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