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Jaded yet Awakened

Jaded yet Awakened,

Life feels so empty.


The next bittersweet,

rock hard blow.

The initial hit is beautiful

The aftermath is low.

I don’t know what to say,

or if I even exist.

I don’t want to do that.

If I did, it would mean trying once more,

to face the world and join in

and attempting to be loved

The truth is, sometimes I believe I am too vibrant,

too much for anyone.

It’s not something I can change.

Why can I not be a fool?

Instead, I run

to and from,

The Edge.

It comes in waves

like nausea.

I think I’m alright,

then I’m not.

They say Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer

This comes to nought, as I know

the onslaught

of Loneliness

Is much worse.

I need someone, I need someone, I need someone…

Does anyone need me?

Is there anybody out there...?


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