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Dreams and Promises

As the dream collapses, I hold myself

Taking all that's dear to me,

Self-love now a priority,

Selfish to some, for me true honesty,

My heart’s heavy with love.

I hold her close in the dark of night,

In my sheets we lay, I run my hands,

Through her back holding the touch of her,

My eyes savouring each second of her,

Every minute heavy with what's to come.

We talk for hours, into my chest she wails,

Long heavy breaths she takes and longing eyes she rests,

Of no flaws in selves but of the paths we take,

Each leads to sorrow and of our sacred deaths.

Every sob, heavy with the weight of loss.

As the sun now shines on the imminent end,

Replaying memories of playing with her long blonde hair,

Her warmth as we drift into the land of dreams,

Where our truest expressions find love in our beings.

Every dream is but a hollow promise.

As she stands in the doorway, tears flowing past the strength of her eyes,

As she holds my face with her love laden hands,

Her kiss so deep that a heart may break,

A tear escapes, she bids goodbye,

In that very moment, under the weight of promise,

The dream collapses.


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