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The Origin Story

There is a running joke in my creative circle,

about how the title for my short is where I peaked


I'm glad I wrote Finding Love & CItizenship.

After writing Part 4 in December,

I took a break from it.

It gave me room to breathe,

but perhaps more importantly,

it afforded me the opportunity to recalibrate. 

I explored the option of doing a complimentary,

short-form series on a microphone.

An analysis and deep dive into the very real lived experiences that helped shape the story. 
I bought the microphone,

sat down to record,

and I hit a blank.


I felt uninspired. 


 Around this time, a friend suggested doing something special for the first anniversary of The Write-Up Project. 

In passing, I threw out the idea for a podcast. 

The call wrapped up,

and while a few hints and suggestions remained,

I could not shake off the idea of the podcast. 

With every passing day,

that idea seemed more exciting than literally everything else I was working on. 

What if I took the themes I was hoping to explore in the story and explored them in hour-long episodes on a podcast?


And why focus on my own story when I could have guests each week with far more interesting journeys than my own? 



This podcast is an answer to those questions. 

The next step in our journey as a creative hub!


It has been such an incredible privilege,

to sit across the world from my incredible guests,

get to hear their stories,

and chat with such vulnerability about the things that matter.


Season 2 Streaming Now
New Episodes Every Wednesday


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